Located in Asquith on the North Shore, Platinum Hair By Belle is unique in its passion for giving our clients the hair they need.

The Home of Creativity

Our modern approach is built on unparalleled hairdressing ability and unequalled ambience. We don’t think of our salon as a place to cut hair, it’s a vibrant home for the most innovative and imaginative hair styling in Sydney. Creation is at the forefront of everything we do; it’s the energy that made Platinum the roaring success it is today.

We recognize that the creation and completion of that perfect look is a collaboration between stylist and client. That’s why we work harder than anyone else to maintain an atmosphere that elevates both discussion and reflection.

Contemporary Expertise

Platinum Hair By Belle recognizes that we operate in an industry that never stops evolving. If you’re not constantly researching, experimenting, and educating, you’re moving backwards. There’s no such thing as standing still.

In order to maintain our position at the forefront of Sydney’s hairdressing scene, we’re obsessive in our efforts to learn and implement everything that the world of hairdressing uncovers. We owe it to ourselves as leading hairstylists, and to you as prized clients.

The Products Your Hair Deserves

Only the products of the highest possible quality deserve to touch your hair during and after the creative process. Our relentless pursuit of the finest hair products available in Australia today has enabled us to build an encyclopaedic knowledge of the brands and treatments your hair deserves.

We’ve introduced our online shop to give you the opportunity to easily purchase, safe in the knowledge that every product we stock has been carefully vetted by the experts from our salon.

If it’s not good enough for our salon, it’s not good enough for our shop.